Extra-curricular Activities



At Waterthorpe we run a range of extra-curricular clubs before and after school. Children’s University credits are earned by attending our morning sports club and after school clubs.

These include:

  • A phonics club,using the Lexia programme, which runs every morning from 8:30a.m.
  • A maths club, using the RM Easimaths programme, which runs every morning from 8:30a.m.
  • A morning sports club which is run at various times during the year from 8:15a.m.
  • A drama club which runs on Mondays after school throughout the year.
  • A sports club which runs after school on Tuesdays throughout the year.
  • A karate club club which runs after school on Thursdays throughout the year.
  • A dance club or gymnastics which run after school on Fridays throughout the year.

Each term we ask children to apply for the clubs that they wish to go to after school and places are allocated fairly. All morning clubs are by invitation only.

All our clubs are run by qualified coaches or other professionals.


If your child is interested in attending Judo, a great Judo club is  run at Westfield School.Image result for judo kids

Please click HERE for a leaflet and application form for the Judo club