Forest School

Waterthorpe Forest School

Thanks to all our sponsors for benches in our Forest School. We have installed 10 solid oak benches in the Forest School classroom. Each bench has a brass plaque on dedicated to the sponsor. We have 10 benches sponsored. These are HSBC IT Sheffield, Beighton Environmental group, Price, Waterhouse, Cooper, Crystal Peaks, Waterthorpe TARA, the family of Lily Brookes and the Stoneman family.  You are very welcome to visit the Waterthorpe Forest School and look at the building and benches. The building is open each day from 8a.m. to 6p.m.Thank you.


Our Forest School Official opening was held on 23rd May 2008 and the ceremony was featured by four local newspapers. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Jane Bird opened the event and spent time talking to children engaged in activities led by Nicky Moore from the Wildlife Trust.

 This area is now available for community use and provides an area for outdoor education for all children accessing facilities at Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School, Emmanuel School, Emmanuel Church and community rooms.

 Our school is part of a complex that houses our Infant Nursery School, a Junior School, a church and community rooms that are accessed by a range of groups (both during the school day and after school). As a school we are committed to working with the community to provide opportunities for all our children, from birth to access fully the ECM five outcomes.


The complex has very little green space within its confines, the only area being adjacent to the church. This has not been accessible as it borders a carpark and isn’t fenced and has a dangerously high wall within it. It also needs work to develop the area. We are currently working to develop a ‘Forest School’ on this piece of land. We have established a management group from all stakeholders (groups accessing the complex) and have identified funding to build a Forest School structure, put up fencing, a gateway and to plan the garden area. Consultation with the community has been a lengthy process and the children have been fully involved in planning the garden and sharing their ideas. Work on the building is due to be completed in May 2008.

 What is a Forest School?  A Forest School offers opportunities in an outdoor setting for children and adults of all ages to develop a variety of life skills: independence, self discovery and communication, all of which assist individuals to grow in self esteem and confidence. We aim to use the facilities within school and our many extended school activities (clubs, holiday playscheme, after-school and breakfast club) for all areas of the curriculum e.g environmental work, art, drama, literacy, science, maths.