Governor Information


The role of the school governor is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community.  School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school’s aims and policies.

If you would like to speak with any of our governors please call at the school office with your details and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

Our governing body is constituted of different types of governors, each of whom offer different skills to the governing body.

Governors meet termly for a Full Governing Body Meeting. Meetings are also held regularly to evaluate and plan for school improvement. We have three committees:

  • Steering ~ this covers whole school issues, finance, staffing, premises and health & safety
  • Curriculum ~ this covers all matters relating to the curriculum and pupil progress
  • Pay ~ this covers matters relating to staff performance management and pay

Our governors each have a linked class/year group with whom they maintain contact through emails, letters and visits. Governors also have additional identified responsibilities such as Safeguarding or Special Educational Needs.

Please click here for Governor attendance at meetings.

Governor Committee Members and Responsibilities as at Feb 2020

Our governors are:

Mrs Michelle ApplebyShelly Appleby 










Current Term of office: 31/8/18 to 30/8/21My name is Shelly Appleby I am Headteacher of Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School. 

I have worked at Waterthorpe since 1996 and and feel very privileged to have been appointed Headteacher in September 2020

I am mum to three girls and  I understand how children being safe and happy at school is one of the most important things to a parent. As the headteacher, this is my main job along with making sure the children learn, grow and achieve their full potential.

I am excited that I have been given this opportunity to lead. I will strive to make sure the children at Waterthorpe are confident learners, who enjoy school and develop the basic skills to be happy, successful and responsible citizens. I want the children of Waterthorpe to have amazing, happy memories of school that they remember all their lives.

Mrs Claire Knott   

IMG-Claire Knott

LA Governor   

 Chair of governors

Responsible for: Safeguarding and looked After Children 


Current Term of office: 1/9/19 to 31/8/22   

Current Groups: Parental Engagement and SEND

My name is Claire Knott and I’m the Chair of Governors. I am a parent governor at the school and I have three children; a son and a two daughters who attend Westfield and Emmanuel.  I like going out on long walks in the countryside and seeing new places, my favourite places to go are to the zoo or to walk around really old buildings.  I also love cooking.

Ms. Eleanor Machin  





 Parent Governor   

Vice Chair

Current Term of office: 29/1/19 to 28/1/22   

I  have a son who started at Waterthorpe in September 2018. I work for the University of Sheffield as Assistant Director of Service and Specialist Tutor in Specific Learning Difficulties. I believe that the school offers outstanding support to all our pupils and would like to be involved in further improving the school’s capacity to provide an inclusive and outstanding education.



Parent Governor   


Miss Vicky Fitzpatrick Parent Governor Current Term of office: 23/1/17 to 22/1/21   

Current Groups: Pupil Premium and SEND

My name is Vicky Fitzpatrick, I am a parent governor at Waterthorpe.  I have a son in Y4 and a daughter in Y3, at Emmanuel. In my spare time I enjoy all types of crafts, especially sewing and design.  I enjoy baking and cake decoration.  I love spending time with my family where we regularly visit the coast.  I am a committed volunteer at the school where I regularly assist with children’s reading.  I love listening to the children and watching them progress. 

Mrs Helen Gray Parent Governor Current Term of office 15/5/18 to 14/5/21
Mrs Lucy Manning Parent Governor Current Term of office: 29/1/19 to 28/1/22   

I have a daughter who started in Waterthorpe Nursery in 2018. I work for the Department for Education in the Education and Skills Funding Agency. I aim to work with the school and help it to be as successful as it can be.

Mr Lee Greenwood   

Lee greenwood

Vide Chair   

Co-opted Governor

Manager at Crystal Peaks

Current Term of office: 1/9/19 to 31/8/22   

Current Groups: Reading and Phonics

 I am a governor at Waterthorpe and the Manager of the local shopping Centre at Crystal Peaks. I became a governor at Waterthorpe several years ago and I am also the Chair of the Westfield Community Trust.

I really enjoy working with the school and helping to shape and develop the education of the children. I am in a fortunate position of being able to link the school up with the business community, through my role as Manager at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, and to help provide a range of opportunities through my employment role. I regularly visit the school and I enjoy listening to the views of the children through my class governor responsibility.



Staff Governor 

Assistant Headteacher 


Responsible for: Governor Training


Current Term of office: 31/8/18 to 30/8/21   



Mrs Suzanne Marriott   


Co-opted  Governor Current Term of office: 1/9/19 to 31/8/22   

Current Groups: Pupil Premium and SEND

My name is Suzanne Marriott and I have been a School Governor since 2003. I first became involved at Waterthorpe as a parent when my 2 sons attended the school. During this time I was a volunteer then went on to being a student there before becoming a member of staff. During this time both my sons and myself received a lot of support and I became aware of the hard work and commitment of the staff.  I decided I would like to become a School Governor because I wanted to ‘put something back’ into the school and contribute fully in supporting the school in raising standards and improving the education of the children.

VACANCY Co-opted Governor  

We have a vacancy for a Local Authority Governor and a Co-opted Governor. If you are interested please leave your details with the school office. Our Chair of governors, Mrs Claire Knott, will then get in touch with you.