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News Update: 
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Autumn 2 2019 School Newsletter

Autumn  2 2019 Nursery Newsletter

School Meals:

Week Beginning 2nd December ~ We are on Week 1

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Class Assemblies for parents and families

Each class holds a termly assembly for parents and families. These are in the school hall. They usually last about 20 minutes. At these assemblies, the children share some of the things that they have been learning in school.

Please join us for our Year Group Assemblies/Performances on the following dates:

  • Please join us for our Year Group Assemblies/Performances on the following dates:
    • Yellow Base (Mrs Marriott) Thursday 28th November 9:15a.m.
    • Red Base (Miss Baggaley and Miss Brooks) Thursday 12th December 10a.m.

Nursery Letter of the Week 2nd December

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Uu’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Uu’, to talk about in Nursery.

Christmas Post

From 2nd December we will have a Christmas post box in the office area and in Nursery . Children may post Christmas cards for their friends in these boxes. Please ensure that all cards are clearly marked with children’s names, their class, and have a coloured ‘mark’ on them so that our ‘Christmas post children’ can sort them into which class they need to go to. 

Rock Steady performance 4th December 9:10a.m.

Parents and families of children who take part in Rock Steady Music lessons, are invited to a short performance on Wednesday 4th December at 9:10a.m. in the school hall.

Parents of children not having lessons, are welcome to come along and watch, if they are interested in signing their child up for lessons.

For more information you can call the Rock Steady team on 0330 113 0330 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or email

For prices and to enrol please go to:

Dance Club performance Thursday 12th December

The children in dance club would like to invite their families to a short performance at 2:50p.m. on Thursday in the school hall.

Pantomime: Cinderella Wednesday 11th December

We are letting you know early about our Christmas pantomime trip this year, as we have decided to go to the Lyceum Theatre to see Cinderella. The cost of tickets at the Lyceum is higher than Rotherham Theatre, but feedback tells us that the quality of the performance is much better.  Hopefully by telling you now, you will be able to pay a small amount on sQuid towards the trip each week. The cost of the trip will be £17. Please pay the full amount by 27th September as we have had to pay for the tickets in advance. This is a trip for school only (not nursery). Children who are moving into school in September will be going on the pantomime trip.

Please click here for Pantomime letter.

Christmas Chocolate Raffle

We are having a Chocolate Christmas Raffle to raise funds for the school. The draw will be held on Thursday 19th December.

We would like each child to bring in a chocolate item which will then be used to make chocolate hampers for the raffle. Each class will put together their own chocolate hamper. Please bring your donation to your child’s classroom by Wednesday 18th December.

After-school Clubs

The current After-school clubs continue until the second to last week of term. There are no clubs in the final week before Christmas.

New clubs will start in the week beginning 13th January. We ask for £1.25 per week for each of the clubs (excluding karate). We ask that all clubs are paid for by the beginning of the spring term. 

Red Base children may apply for clubs to start after Christmas.

Please collect a form from the office to apply for clubs starting in the Spring term 2020.

Red Base Christmas Nativity Assembly for parents Thursday 12th December 10a.m. in school hall (doors open at 9:45am)

Parents of children in Red Base are invited to join us for a Christmas performance between 10a.m. and 10:30a.m. in the school hall. Doors will open at 9:45a.m. We cannot allow admittance before this time for safeguarding reasons.

Previously we have had a number of parents complaining that babies and younger children made a lot of noise and spoilt the performance. If you do not have any child care for your little ones please take them out if they start to make a noise so that it doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of other parents. Thank you.

Family of Schools Carol Singing at Crystal Peaks 12th December at 6p.m.

We would like to invite families to join us for our annual Family of School’s Carol Concert at Crystal Peaks. Everyone is welcome. Our singing teacher has identified especially enthusiastic and competent singers for us. Ten of these children will be invited to sing at the carol concert and we will send letters to families of these children.

Key Stage One School Nativities in Emmanuel church

Tuesday 17th December – Blue, Yellow & Green Base Nativity 2p.m. in church (doors open 1:45p.m.)

Wednesday 18th December – Blue, Yellow & Green Base Nativity 10a.m. in church (doors open 9:45a.m.)

Younger children: Please note we do not allow younger children into the Nativity performances as this can result in background noise that prevents the performers from being heard clearly in the church. For many this is the first time they have spoken in a large public performance; the play has a number of speaking parts and the children’s voices may not be very loud.

A creche will be run (from 9:45a.m.) for the performance on Wednesday 18th December at 10a.m. If you would like to book a place please complete the slip attached to this newsletter.

We ask families not to enter the playground after the nativities as children will be having a short playtime. Children should not be taken early from classrooms following the afternoon performance.

Christmas Dinner Wednesday 18th December

This will be a traditional turkey dinner with a muffin for dessert. There will be no jacket potatoes on this day. If your child will be bringing sandwiches, or wants to order a school sandwich, please complete the slip at the end of this newsletter and return it to the office by Friday 30th November. This pre-ordering is to help the kitchens with ordering the correct amount of food. We will order a Christmas dinner for anyone who does not return the slip. If your child is planning to bring sandwiches on the day it is important that the school knows as we will have to pay for all meals that we have ordered in advance.

Children may wear Christmas jumpers/tops on 18th December if they wish.

Children with Allergies or food intolerances

We have a number of children in school who have intolerences to certain foods. We would like to provide them with their party food plated up to ensure that they only eat the food that they are not intolerant to. If your child has a food intolerance please contact the school office to let us know whether you would like to come into school on party day to plate up their food, if you would like us to plate up their food or, if you would like them to bring their own plate of party food.

School Christmas Party 19th December

Our school Christmas party day is Thursday  19th December. We play party games in the classrooms, have a whole school party ‘afternoon tea’ in the hall and then Father Christmas comes to visit.

Children can wear party clothes on party day however please make sure that they have a warm coat and shoes suitable for outdoor play.

If you would like to help set up the hall and support the children’s parties please meet at the office at 1:10p.m. Please can you let your child’s teacher, or the office staff, know if you are coming to help. Thank you.                                

Please can each child in school bring either buns, biscuits, crisps, savouries etc. for 4 children. Please bring these on the morning of the party (19th December). Children will still have their dinner and then have party food later in the afternoon.

Nursery Christmas Party 19th December

We have decided to have one party for all Nursery children this year. This will be a good opportunity for children to meet each other and share in the celebrations. The party will be held between 1pm and 3.00p.m. in the Community Rooms.

Please note: Nursery sessions will run as usual on this day with a finish time of 3:00p.m. (and a later start time of 1p.m. for afternoon children). ‘Morning’ children will be asked to return to Nursery in the afternoon for the party. All children should be collected from the Community Rooms at 3.00p.m.

Lists of party food will be displayed in Key Worker areas for parents to sign up against.

Last day of term

Children in school may bring toys and games on Friday 20th December but please make sure that items are marked with their name and are not of any great value as things do sometimes get lost or broken and we don’t want anyone upset on their last day. Please can your child also bring a carrier bag to school in the last week to take home their Christmas things. If your child is absent at the end of term please try and pop into school to collect their christmas things or arrange for another parent to bring them home for you.

Children should wear school uniform on the last day of term.

Nursery Nativity in church 21st December 9:30a.m.

Our Nursery Nativity will be held in Emmanuel church at 9:30a.m. on Friday 21st December. Please bring children to Emmanuel Church between 9:00a.m. and 9:20a.m. so that they have time to get ready.  The performance will start at 9:30a.m.

Please leave pushchairs in the church entrance. It would be helpful if wheelchair users could advise us before the event and we will reserve a space for you.On the day of the performance there will be no Nursery sessions.

Applications for Infant School and Junior School

This information applies to children wanting to start at Waterthorpe (current Nursery children) or Emmanuel (current Y2 children) in September 2020: The deadline for admissions to the Infant or Junior School of your choice is 15th January. We have sent out applications and reminders to those families who have not yet applied but there are still a number who have not put in an application. Online applications are now closed, paper applications only accepted.

Application forms can be downloaded from

Photos of Christmas performances:

We have taken photos of our children in their nativity/Christmas performance costumes. If you would like to purchase them please complete an order at the school office. Please note, we will print the photos on paper (A4 page size) in school. If you would like the photo to be smaller or larger please let us know. Photos will be charged at 50p each.

Milk Payments up to Easter 2020

 The cost of milk for the spring term, up to Easter, is £9.90. In order to ensure your child receives milk, please make payment via sQuid, our online payment system.

Free milk will continue to be provided to all children under the age of five, or to those children who are in receipt of income based free school meals/FSM. If you are not sure whether your child gets income based free school meals, please ask at the office.

After-School Clubs

New Clubs start in the second week of term (Karate starts in first week of term). Clubs will run until the week before Easter 2019. (Please see club letter for dates.) Children should be collected from the hall doors at 4:10p.m. after drama, sports and karate. Most clubs are £1.25 per week and the fees should be paid at the office, termly in advance. (You will also shortly be able to pay these online through sQuid.) Karate is £15 for the half term and this fee should be paid to the coach when you collect your child. Children should bring a PE kit for any sports type clubs.

Our clubs this term are:

Monday        Gymnastics

Tuesday        Team Games

Thursday      Musical theatre Club

Friday          Karate Club

Nursery Letter of the Week 6th January

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Bb’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Bb’, to talk about in Nursery.

Food Drive Friday 10th January

Our next Food collection for the S20 food bank is on Friday 10th January.

The S20 Information Station (in the old Westfield TARA building) offers support to families in a relaxed environment; it is open on Mondays 1pm to 3pm. They have a housing officer and Citizen’s Advice Worker on hand to offer support.

We are able to refer any families who would like a Food gift.

For this Food bank collection, we are asking for Pet Food as many families who fall into difficulties also have pets which they need to continue to care for and feed.

Nursery Letter of the Week 13th January

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Ff’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Ff’, to talk about in Nursery.

Free School Meals funding ~ Census Day 16th January 2020:

All Infant children receive a free school meal, but the government gives money to school to pay for this. The amount of funding we receive is worked out by taking the average number of meals eaten on the two census days (October and January). This means funding of over £400 for the school for every child who ate a meal on those days.

We are asking that parents let us know if their child will not be having a school meal. We have a special Census day menu of sausage, chips and beans/sweetcorn, or cheese flan followed by chocolate pinwheel.

Nursery Letter of the Week 20th January

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Ee’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Ee’, to talk about in Nursery.

.SEAL Family Workshop 23rd January 9:15a.m.

 Our next SEAL workshop, run by Mrs Marriott, is on 23rd January in the school hall between 9:15a.m. and 10a.m. At the workshop you will work with your child on the theme of ‘Going for Goals’. Brothers and sisters from Emmanuel can be brought through to join us for this workshop. This workshop is open to families and children in Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 2 (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Base).

Please click here for SEAL workshop letter.

Nursery Letter of the Week 27th January

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Ll’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Ll’, to talk about in Nursery.

‘Maths on the Farm’ Family Workshop 29th January 2p.m.

Please join us for our ‘Maths on the Farm’ Family Workshop on Wednesday 29th January at 3:15p.m.

This workshop is for families of children in Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green bases). Please collect your children from their classroom at the end of the day and bring them round to the school hall.

At the workshop you will find out how we are teaching maths through our topic and you will be able to take part in some fun activities with your child. You are welcome to bring younger brothers and sisters.

Please click here for workshop letter.

Green Base Class Assembly for parents and families 30th January 9:15a.m.

Each class holds a termly assembly for parents and families. These are in the school hall. They usually last about 20 minutes. At these assemblies, the children share some of the things that they have been learning in school.

Green Base Assembly is on 30th January at 9:15a.m.

Nursery Letter of the Week 3rd February

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Hh’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Hh’, to talk about in Nursery.

Nursery Letter of the Week 10th February

The Nursery letter of the week is the letter ‘Rr’.

We invite your child to bring items from home, that start with the letter ‘Rr’, to talk about in Nursery.

On-Line Safety Day Tuesday 11th February

Safer Internet Day 2020 will be celebrated globally with the slogan: ‘Together for a better Internet’.

Children in school follow a curriculum which includes teaching them about keeping safe online. On Safer Internet Day we further promote both the positives and the dangers of the internet, helping children to ensure that they keep safe.

Year One (Blue Base) Phonics Family Workshop Wednesday 12th February

All Year One children will be taking a national phonics screening test in June. Each child will receive either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ for the test. If they fail the test they will retake it at the end of Y2.

On Wednesday 12th February Y1 children will show their families some of the games and activities we do at school to help them prepare for the test. Please can all Y1 parents/carers come to the school hall with your child at 8.50a.m. (Please enter through class doors so children can leave coats and belongings in the base.) It is very important that either yourself, or a representative attends this meeting.

Please click here for workshop letter.

Valentine Disco Thursday 13th February 3:15p.m. to 4:30p.m.

On Thursday 13th February we are holding a Valentine Disco for the children. The price of this is £3.50 per child, payable online. The ticket price includes drinks and crisps.

All the children going to the disco will stay in their classes at the end of the day and be taken into the hall by their teacher. The teachers will take the children back to their base, at the end of the disco, for parents/carers to collect.

On the day of the disco children may come to school in their party clothes. (This will be easier for them rather than getting changed at the end of the day.)

Friday 14th February

The last day of half term is Thursday 13th February. School is closed on Friday 14th February for staff training. we return to school on Monday 24th February.

White Post Farm Trip 9th March 2020

On Monday 9th March 2020, we plan to take all the children to White Post Farm. 

The cost of the trip will be £16.00 per child, this includes the cost of the coach and entry fee. Please pay online using your sQuid Account. Payments can be made in instalments or as a lump sum.

We will need adult volunteers to help supervise the children on the trip and each class has a limited number of spaces for adult helpers.  We would like to request a contribution of £10.00, per adult volunteer, towards the cost of the coach. This helps with keeping the cost of the trip down and allows us to take more adults. If you are available to help on this date please see your child’s class teacher.

Please click here for trip letter.

School Uniform

It has been agreed that Pinders can now sell our school uniform. If you wish to buy uniform through this company, they are sited in Crystal Peaks Market where they will take your orders.

Uniform, embroidered with the school logo, can also be purchased through Tesco’s online uniform service at My

Henry ‘Healthy Start’ Programme

Henry is a programme for families, aimed at offering support with many areas that affect children under 5 and their parents e.g. mealtimes, behaviour and early learning. The programme is for an hour each week for 8 weeks and it comes highly recommended. This is free to families and can be accessed by completing the form attached, emailing or by texting 07720090949.

Please take a look at the attached flyer and application form.

Click here for the information flyer.

Click here for the application form.

Positive Parenting What’s On Guide

There are lots of things happening in the local area to support parents and families. Please click below for a copy of the latest ‘What’s -on’ guide.


English and Maths Adult Education Courses

English and Maths courses for adults will be run from 18th September at Thorpe Green Meeting Rooms. These courses are for beginners up to Level 2.

The English course will run on Tuesdays from 10a.m. to 12 noon.

The Maths course will run on Tuesdays from 12:30p.m. to 2:30p.m.

If you would like more information, or to book on a course, please contact Lesley Roberts (Learning Champion) at Woodhouse Forum on telephone number: 0114 269 0222.


Please sign up for email alerts about weather, school closures etc. from Sheffield City council.  Visit the page to register.

Once  registered, you can go to Education – School Closures – Then look under primary/secondary/special educational needs to find your school.

On-line Payments

We are now able to accept online payments through sQuid. We are starting with milk payments for next term and will add other payments over the rest of this half term. Information and registration codes will be sent home to all families. Please call at the office if you have not received yours by 5th December.

Please visit our sQuid Online Payment page for more information by clicking here.

For more information on downloading the sQuid App please click here.

On the first Saturday of every month there is a free Board Games Club for children 1pm to 2pm at Crystal Peaks Library. Children under 8 should be accompanied by an adult.board games poster – sessions 

 Speech and Language Drop-in 

If you have speech and Language concerns about your child, aged 5 or under, please call at one of the drop-ins at Crystal Peaks or Darnall.

Click here for more information