At Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School we use a book bands system to grade our reading books. This is a system which is used in schools across the U.K. Each book band has a colour and means that we can use a range of books from different schemes and publishers and know with confidence that children are on the right level book. Sometimes a publisher will grade their own scheme with numbers or colours, so we label all our books with stickers in the correct book band colour to avoid any confusion.

At Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School we have a wide range of books from various schemes including, Literacy Links, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Collins Big Cat, Songbirds, Treetops, PM Starters and a range of ‘real’ story books by well-known children’s authors.

When children start school they will begin by reading Alpha Kids books. This scheme helps children to develop a bank of key words they are able to read on sight. As children build on this and begin to develop their knowledge of phonics they will move onto the book bands system.
Book Bands

We expect children to be on gold level books by the end of Year Two.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is a very important part of learning to read, and getting enjoyment from books and stories. We have put together a grid, linked to the different Reading Book Bands, to give advice on how families can support children with comprehension skills at different levels. Please click on the link below to read this.

Please click here for advice on how to help your child with reading comprehension.


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