Science and Technology


Science Family Workshop April 2016

Children have a natural curiosity for everything which happens in the world around them and through science we hope to make a valuable contribution to their understanding.

Science is taught both as an individual curriculum area and cross-curricula to support either topic work or other curriculum areas.

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Design and Technology is a subject which involves children in the designing, making and evaluation of products using a variety of appropriate skills and materials.

Design and Technology enhances the curriculum by providing a practical emphasis and enables children to be creative and productive. Through their activities they will become more aware of the man-made world and the impact technology has on everyday life.

Feedback from Technology Family Workshop:

Our Family workshop, run by Mrs Taylor, was very well attended. Mrs Taylor had hoped to run the workshop in the Forest School but unfortunately the weather did not permit this. With a quick change of plan Mrs Taylor made some alterations to activities and the workshop went ahead successfully.

Here is the feedback from families who attended:

  • “Brilliant workshop. Lots of fun for the children, parents and grandparents. We would like these workshops more often.”
  • “We enjoyed making a fox and a moving picture together.”
  • “We really enjoyed working on three design projects together.”
  • “I like workshops.”
  • “We both enjoyed making all the things. There were lots of materials to choose from and every activity was different. Thank you.”
  • “It was lots of fun making things.”
  • “We really enjoyed making all the different things. We had lots of fun.”
  • “We really enjoyed the workshop. It was great to have a range of different materials available for us to use our initiative with.”
  • “Great fun making things with my children. They both enjoyed thinking of how to design and make things.”
  • Really enjoyable. The kids enjoyed making the woodland animals with all the different materials. Thank you.”
  • “I think that all the children got ideas from the workshop. Very enjoyable.”
  • “Extremely creative. Very enjoyable.”


Please click HERE for our Design and Technology curriculum leaflet.

Please click HERE for our Design and Technology policy.