The History of The Botanical Gardens

History of The Botanical Gardens

  • 1833 The Sheffield Botanical and Horticultural Society was formed with the purpose of creating a Botanical Garden. The Master Cutler called a public meeting.
  • 1834 Shares were sold to fund the Botanical Gardens and 18 acres of land were purchased from the Wilson Family who were local snuff-makers.
  • A competition was held for designing the gardens. Joseph Paxton (from Chatsworth) helped to judge. Robert Marnock from Bretton Hall was the chosen winner. Benjamin Broomhead Taylor was selected to design the glass pavilions.
  • 1836 The Botanical Gardens opened to the public 4 days a year. Admission at other times was limited to shareholders and subscribers.
  • 1898 The Sheffield Town Trust paid £5000 for the value of the shares and introduced free admission to the Botanical Gardens.
  • 1951 Sheffield Corporation leased the gardens on a 99 year lease for a peppercorn rent of one shilling per year. With the help of the War Damage Commision repairs to the pavilion domes were completed and an aviary and aquarium were created.
  • 1984 Friends of Botanical Gardens was established to educate the public and support the gardens.
  • 1996 Sheffield Botanical Trust ws set up and a grant to the Heritage Lottery Fund was successful in securing £5.6million to restore the pavilions and gardens.
  • 2007 The Botanical Gardens were reopened to the public.
  • 2017 The Botanical Gardens Education Centre was opened.