The Little Urban Fox goes to the Glass Houses

The Glass Pavillions

The pavilions were designed by the architect Benjamin Broomhead Taylor.
They are known locally as the Paxton Pavilions, after Joseph Paxton, who was a judge in the competition for the design of the pavilions. Joseph Paxton was the Head Gardener at Chatsworth  and later designed the Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition in 1851.

The glasshouses fell into disrepair and in 1898 part of them were demolished leaving just the three glass domes. The domes were damaged in World War 2 and repaired in 1960 with the help of a War Damage Commission grant,

In 1961 an aviary was built in the central dome and an aquariam was added in the eastern dome in 1963.

The pavilions were boarded up in the 1990’s but re-opened, with the help of a lottery grant in 2003.

The houses now display plants from around the world.